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Exercise and Mental Health: 4 Reasons to Start Working Out Regularly NOW!!!

Bliss and Peace to everyone, hope you woke up on the right side of your bed this morning! The most important thing is we are blessed with another day to get it right and get it done , whatever that may mean to you in your life right now on your journey! Today I will talk about a very important topic, mental health, and how you can improve and maintain it without the pharmaceuticals.

I know we are in some crazy times right now, there’s a lot going on in the world around us and it can feel like a bit much. You could be feeling a little elevated stress, maybe more than just a little for some of you all im sure. But that’s all right! Breath in Bliss and exhale all the bullshit! You don’t need that poisoning your mind. There’s so much you want to do, and I know stressing isn’t one of them!

You could be feeling anxious, you know what I bet some of you are having issues getting to bed at night. Don’t let society say that this is a normal way of living because it’s not! IT’S NOT okay people we have to wake up. Not just get up out of bed, we have to wake up feeling that Bliss that comes with another day of air in our lungs!

So what do you do about it, you might wonder? Well, how am I going to be all right when in my head everything isn’t all right? Im not going to complicate this my fellow blissful beings, the answer is simple! EXCERCISE!!!!

Not just once a week or once a month. You got to put in some work everyday so that whenever you are going through life and stress tries to punch you in the face; you have the strength to take one on the chin and laugh it off. Depression tries to creep up on you but you hear it coming and shine the light of your inner bliss on it and it disappears. It can’t touch you!

Im going to give you five reasons to wake up and do some push-ups. When you roll out of bed just lay right on your back and hit some sit-ups, it will help you tremendously and you’ll feel the effects immediately!

1.) Improved Sleep:

So if you have trouble with sleeping, if you have self diagnosed yourself with insomnia, then you probably aren’t exercising. That or you’re not exercising enough! One thing that working out regularly does is it makes you use your body in ways you might not have used it. Whenever you are not moving your body is storing up that energy and whenever you got to rest your body is restless. It’s just a matter of not letting yourself be stagnant, we are created to move and when you don’t your body gets upset with you. Then when you want to fall asleep, your body is kind of like, “No, I don’t deserve to get rest, I haven’t work yet!” from experience working out every day especially an hour before bed will cure any sleep issues!

2.) Wake Up With More Energy:

I noticed that on the days I work out the following morning when I get out of bed I have more energy. It’s like my body got rest, so now it’s ready for more work. It wants me to move it and use it. Whenever you exercise regularly you just want to keep that energy flowing. I noticed that when I have more energy, my confidence is higher, and I don’t feel depressed! I’m ready to take on any challenge physically and mentally! Which brings me to my next point.

3.) Mental Strength, Not Just Physical Strength:

Okay my Blissful Beings as you may or may not know already we are three entities living together as one. The trinity of Being, our mind, our bodies, and our souls are all connected but separate. Whenever you work out, you are not just working your physical muscles; you are also exercising your mind and soul! In working the muscles you are also training the mind to stay focus and persevere through pain that you will find eventually subsides until the next wave of pain hits you. As we watch this pain come and go we get in touch with the soul of our being, the part that doesn’t feel any pain. So whenever you are living your life and enjoying your Bliss and something tries to interrupt that instead of feeling anxious you just connect with that deeper part of yourself that you found while exercising!

4.) Truly Enjoy Life:

To close this one out my fellow Blissful Beings when you exercise you can really tune into the sensations in your body. These sensations are like a dance of rises and falls, actively being conscious of them is the key to living a Blissful Life. In life we experience a wide range of sensations, but how conscious of them are we. Bring awareness to these sensations as we allow ourselves the opportunity to grow and also to move out of any internal trauma we may experience!

This is a brief list of benefits to exercising on the daily, but I know once you get started you will add to the list. All of us are unique individuals, and you may notice shifts and changes that you’ve never thought or dreamed possible. The golden key is an open mind and an open heart to allow blessings to manifest in your life! Bliss and Peace to all you Blissful Beings! I hope you found this informative and enjoyable. Please leave a comment, like, and subscribe for more content!

Live Your Bliss Life, Tyreice


Best Running Shoes Review for Joggers

Whether it’s early morning, midday, or evening, taking the time to go for a run can prove to be a very beneficial practice to your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. One thing that can transform this experience and take it to a new level is having the best running shoes on your feet! I just recently have gotten back into running, and after talking to a few of my friends about starting back up, they stressed the importance of an outstanding running shoe.

I always used to just run in whatever shoes I had around my house that weren’t formal. I never took the time to research a great running shoe to optimize my run. Therefore, after I ran I feel like I was more sore than I should be, and I suffered from lower back pain.

A few reasons selecting a good running shoe is crucial to your performance are as follows.

  • Fixes overpronation, which is when your foot rolls inward while you run.
  • Fixes supination, which is when your foot rolls outward while you run.
  • Also, they provide midsole cushioning to absorb impact.
  • They provide arch support.
  • Another key point is injury prevention.

Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe

After doing some research and asking around, the Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe is an exceptional men’s shoe for running!! They’re made extremely well, and they’re very durable. Not only are they comfortable, they are designed to give you the smoothest run. Because of their Segmented Crash Pad, every step is like walking on clouds with its shock absorbers. Keeping you running longer with more comfort. Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe is the perfect running shoe!!!

Brooks Womens Ghost 12 Running Shoe

Brooks also make the Ghost 12 for women. I haven’t tried these out, but the reviews for this shoe are solid. They’re designed the same as the version for men, so all the impressive design features still apply to this shoe for women.

They’re a lot of options out there for running shoes, but in this review I just wanted to focus on this brand because of the success my friends have had with them. I highly recommend these shoes for anyone looking to purchase new running shoes. I know you won’t go wrong with these running shoes.

Bliss and Peace to all my Blissful Beings, Happy running my friends!



Just a Thought #2

While reading this morning I stumbled across something I wanted to share with you my fellow Blissful Beings. Let me know what you think?

“Know one knows whether death, which people fear to be the greatest evil, may not be the greatest good.”


This made me think about how so many people I’ve encountered live their lives afraid of dying, and therefore afraid to truly live. How many times growing up have you been told not do something because of the danger it entails. What if we dared to embrace death in society as a natural occurrence that is to be celebrated?

Imagine our world transformed by the release of a irrational fear. For I believe that the real you never dies and we just return our vehicle ( your body ) back to the dealership ( Mother Earth ). We could then shift humanity into something greater and of more substance. Not just superficial things cling to.

Throughout history a lot of the evil, has been caused out of the human beings fear of death, but from the ashes we all rise again to reap the fruit we have sown in life. I implore you my friends to embrace the unknown without fear. Because loving in fear is living a lie, and a life lived as a lie, is a life deprived of true living.

Live Your Bliss Life my friends! Let me know how you feel about this subject in the comments. May Light and Love guide you always!



Just a Thought

“Your imagination is stronger that your will power!”

Nicholas Boothman

I was reading a book and I heard this and it made me think. My Blissful Beings, do you want to reach that goal or make that change you’ve longed to see in your life? See it, feel it, taste it, smell it, and truly live in it! This is how you manifest, through your imagination all things are possible! I just felt inspired to share this friends, I hope it is felt in your heart not just percieved through your mind. Thank you!



The Best 5 Excercises for a Strong Core

Hello all my fellow Blissful Beings, I hope you are Living Your Bliss Life today and everyday!

Exercising and staying in shape is a crucial point in Living Your Bliss Life! I know that everyone wants to be healthy but do you want to be health is never the real question. Are you willing to put the work in to be healthy, is what you have to look deep inside your soul to find the answer!

I know that all of us have been through it. Sitting down one day, the thought makes its way into your head.  I should excercise, or I should workout, and maybe I will go for a run. Somewhere between the thought and the action motivation dies and you’re back binge watching a show.

My people, we can make that change that’ll push our lives into a state of Bliss! There’s a few simple excercises that dont require anything but a positive mental attitude(PMA) and some will power! With just those two things you can break the chains of aelfnonflocted suffering!

Our abdominal muscle are the core of our power. They are also a very big muscle group that requires a lot of targeted excercises to see the results you are looking for. But if you start with these five core Excercises, you’ll be feeling full of Bliss and energetic.

1.) Planks

This excercise is a perfect way to start any core Excercises! There’s a few variations to this excercise but no matter what variation this excercise guaranteed to strengthen all the muscles in your core.

2.) Mountain Climbers

This is the perfect transition excercise from planks. It requires you to maintain that same strength and balance but the active movement will make you burn more calories while also putting more emphasis the lower abs to drive your legs toward your chest. This excercise will make you break a sweat!

3.) Pilates Pose

This core excercise is going to engage the whole core but I find that my upper abs are pushed a little harder to maintain good posture and form. Holding this position is will require balance and strength, but it does pay dividends in creating the body you want!

4.) Leg Raises

I love doing this excercise because the motion itself is simple but yet requires a lot of mental and physical strength to do repetitively. This excercise targets your lower abs, challenging your stability and muscle control. It’s a great excercise to get rid of belly fat!

5.) Bicycles

My final excercise I recommend to get you started writing that core is bicycles. This is one of my favourite ab exercises to work the oblique muscles. This muscle group can sometimes get neglected but is very important in maintaining and supporting our lower back functions. I enjoy doing this excercise slow, you really begin to feel the burn through each rep!

Remember to pace yourselves Blissful Beings when exercising and don’t forget to stay hydrated! Let’s Live Our Bliss Life, Love and Peace!!!

Your Friend, Tyreice


Live Your Bliss

This post is to inform all the readers who frequent my blog, your Bliss is waiting to be lived. You just got to do it! There’s so many things we are capable of as human beings, literally infinite. It’s up to us to decide and Leap!!

There’s nothing holding us back from achieving the unthinkable, except ourselves. The Blissful Being, is something I’m manifesting from my soul to give to the world. An alternative way of living that sees life as a blessing that should be enjoyed. I have no degrees from any big university, but I have knowledge gained through genuine life experience and an impressive deal of studying and reading. I only wish to share what I know and learn from and with my readers the keys to living a life Being in Bliss.

This is the time, this is the moment, this is it. All we have is the here and now! I promise to bring you quality content that I’ve found useful in my life to truly consider myself a Blissful Being and inspire others to walk this path of Love and Peace. Together I know that we can make a difference in our communities, in our nation, and in our world.

Thank you so much for following, liking, sharing, and being a part of this movement! All souls united as one spirit can move mountains and freeze fires. This is The Blissful Being and We Live Our Bliss!

Your Friend, Tyreice


Samsung Galaxy Active2 Smart Watch Review

Hey there all my Blissful Beings, I hope this day is bringing you much joy and light! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this blog! I hope you find this review on the Samsung Active2 watch very useful and insightful!

In, my health and fitness journey I have found it very useful to use tools to reach a state of optimal health and wellness. Using weights, yoga mats, stop watches, fitness bands, and apps on my phone have all played a pivotal role in my fitness success.

Not until recently have I found the advantages to having a smart watch that focuses on fitness! I know they’ve been around for a while, but I always read a lot of reviews that emphasised on their ineffectiveness and lack of accuracy.

I was looking for a birthday gift for my wife when I thought about how she wanted a tool to help her stay on track in her fitness journey. I knew that she would really appreciate a smart watch. The only question was which one to purchase for her.

After reading dozens of customer reviews on a lot of watches, the Samsung Active2 smart watch seemed to be the best watch for what I was looking to give my wife as a gift that could keep on giving. So I ended up purchasing the Active2 from Amazon. It arrived two days before her birthday, and I was so excited to give it to her I couldn’t wait until her birthday to give her present to her!

I told her to close her eyes, and I put the gift bag into her hands. I asked her to open her eyes and as she began taking out the blue gift paper that hid the small box inside the bag I could see her cheeks turned rose in color from blushing. As she grabbed the box and pulled it out, she gave me an enormous smile and said to me in a thrilled tone that this was the exact watch she wanted.

We both had been researching the watch unknowingly to each other, me for several months and her for a few weeks. We both like the Samsung Active2, some key features that are very high efficient.

  • Pace Coaching: It’s advance sensors help you keep your pace while running to help you reach your running goals!
  • Comfortable and Sleek: The Galaxy Active2 is very lightweight for comfortable wearing and is very customizable to fit your style and uniqueness.
  • Battery Life: This watch has an amazing battery life! Of one full charge you can go 5 or more days with no recharge!
  • Monitors Things We Care About: From monitoring your heart rate and alerting you when it is up or down, to tracking your sleep for optimizing your rest, and even tracking your stress levels.
  • Compatibility: Being that it is a Samsung Galaxy device, obviously it would be compatible with a Galaxy phone, but it’s also compatible with most android phones and also iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

In my final opinion this watch, absolutely a must buy if you’re in the market for a fitness smart watch. The Galaxy Active2 has a brilliant design. Its user interface is smooth and inviting. This watch is very comfortable and has a lot of reliable features to take your health and fitness journey to the next level.

The Blissful Being fully endorses this product as it will endlessly improve your quality of life when used correctly and it’s also fun to wear. Not to mention the fact that’ll tell you when you’ve been on your butt for too long and you need to get Active!

Thanks for reading dear ones, I hope this article was a fun yet informative read. Please like, comment, and subscribe!!!!

Your Friend, Tyreice