Sometimes your soul needs replenishing. Sometimes the mind needs realigning. Sometimes the body needs rest.

I have been on a retreat. This retreat didn’t require a plane ticket or a backpack. This retreat didn’t require me to wander the forest or any guide. The retreat that that I’ve been on my friends was one that required me to take nothing and leave everything.

I have been in deep contemplation of my life and my purpose. After deep contemplation, I have come to realize myself. The one, who is only being and has removed all the masks of character. On my retreat into my mind, my heart, and my soul, I learned that there’s a place within myself that is untouched by the world.

As I began to let go of myself I have found the abode of myself. This home has no walls, no ceilings, not even any floors. It is as though I am planted in a vast nothingness. This nothingness is infinite and being without bounds, this nothingness encapsulates all things.

So here I am writing from I to I. I’ve known for a while that we all are connected, but the image of a mirror arises when setting my gaze on people, objects, and nature. If this perspective of life is real than all of existence is a grand illusion. Illusion in the sense that as something appears to the eye isn’t what it is inside.

As I look inside myself I see The Way of nature and of all things. So where am I to go from here? There is nowhere for me to go, for I have already arrived here, in the present. In the present I realize the beginning of all beginnings, where time is no more. When time has fallen away, our souls can rise. A soul that has risen will continue to rise as long as it’s in the present, where time’s chains are but rusty shackles that hold nothing and crumble in the light.

I write because I am the words written and the thoughts not yet conceived.

2 thoughts on “A Retreat So to Speak

    1. Peace and Bliss Brittany, thanks for reading. I am in doing well, and I hope you are also. I definitely will be checking out your page very soon! Love and Light to you on your path my friend!

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