Love and Peace, all my Blissful Beings thanks for stopping by! Much grace be unto you and yours from my heart! As we all know, we are living in some historically crazy times right now. Breath…. my friends, “Every little thing, is going to be all right” as the late great Bob Marley says.

Being under quarantine may first seem like a huge inconvenience. Trust me, I get it! Everybody keeps calm! I got you covered with an awesome review on the best indoor trampoline for kids. This is a cool thing my wife, and I have purchased for our angel babies to add a little extra fun during quarantine.

Growing up, I never had a trampoline, but my cousins in Donaldsonville had one, and whenever we would go out to the country, I would love jumping on it. I would jump for what felt like hours! It was outside and when it would rain we couldn’t play on it. Fast forward over 15 years later, my wife and I are thinking of a birthday gift for our youngest son, and my wife has this brilliant idea to buy a trampoline.

Unfortunately, in the house we’re renting we cannot have a trampoline outside, but to my surprise they sell indoor trampolines that are very safe and sturdy. I heard of indoor trampolines but I did no research on it. However, my wife was all over it, she’s reading all the reviews and comparing prices. We finally decided on the perfect indoor trampoline that wasn’t too expensive but had great value for the price. Our kids absolutely flipped after my wife and I put it together and surprised them a few days after our youngest son birthday!

This trampoline was fairly easy to assemble. My wife and I put it together in around 30 to 40 minutes, we could’ve put it together faster, but we were playing around. Overall, it was fun to make and not very time consuming. I will suggest to you all to clean the pieces before assembling as they were a lot dirtier than I expected considering we bought it brand new.

Once we assembled the indoor trampoline, my wife and I carefully bounced in it one at a time for a few minutes, just to see how sturdy the frame and bungee cords were. We felt confident that this was a sturdy and safe indoor trampoline for our children to have some safe indoor fun.

Our children are absolutely in love with it! They wake up, put on socks and bounce in the morning, even before brushing their teeth because they are so excited to have fun on it. We allow them to jump two at a time, which works for us because even though there is space to fit a third child, we really want them to be safe!

I think purchasing an indoor trampoline is a brilliant investment in entertainment for children. It keeps them active; they work up a sweat, and if you let them use it before bed it helps them fall asleep easier because they exhaust themselves fairly quickly. Not to mention the joy they get from jumping with their siblings and the opportunities to teach lessons in patience and sharing that arise.

Zupapa 54 inch 4.5FT Indoor Small Trampoline for Kids Children Ultra Quiet Mini Toddler Baby Trampoline with Enclosure Net Bungee Cords Trampoline 

This gift has brought so much joy and fun to our home, I am happy with this purchase and I highly recommend it to anyone with children who is looking to add a little extra indoor fun! Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you found it entertaining and helpful! Please leave a comment, drop a like, and share with your friends! Wishing you Bliss and Life and Love and Peace to all of you Blissful Beings!!!

Your Friend, Tyreice

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