Hello, all my Blissful Beings, I hope you are enjoying Life and spreading happiness! I am a father of four beautiful children. God has blessed my wife and I with three awesome boys and one amazing daughter. My wife and I had our first child in 2010, that year our life changed drastically. So many needs we didn’t know we had to learn, and we had to learn them fast! When my son was born I felt the Love in my heart deepen and expand to this little innocent angel. I knew that I had to make a lot of changes in my life to be the best dad I could be for my little guy.

Realizing that I needed to make changes and making those changes were two very different things, as I found it difficult in the beginning to wrap my mind around the immense responsibility that I now held. Luckily for me, my wife helped put a lot of things into perspective!

One thing that my wife helped me realize, was that no matter how hard I worked the relationship that I develop with him is the of the utmost importance. That is the number one priority and everything else comes after.

I was consumed with the idea that my primary function as a father was to provide and building a relationship would come in its own time. I was extremely wrong! Our children are what we strive and give our all for, but if we’re not giving our all to them, then it may be all for naught.

I thought about my dad, who I love very much, and how I felt growing up our relationship wasn’t very strong and how that affected me. Blissful Beings I just want you all to know that I just want to spread happiness to your life and one enormous piece of advice I can give is to aid in this is, take time to cultivate a healthy relationship with your children. The happiness that grows inside your heart is indescribable.

A few tips I can pass along to you to ensure a healthy relationship with your children are as follows.

1.) Practice Communicating Early:

It may sound simple and it is, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t super important! What I mean by this is asking how their day is going everyday even when they aren’t able to say anything back to you. It’s important to ask them questions and engage in them as individuals early and consistently as they mature. It lays the foundation for open communication as they grow. Practice makes perfect!

2.) Cuddle, Cuddle, Cuddle!!!

So I don’t know about you, but I love cuddling with my kids and they do. Not only is super fun, but it strengthens your emotional bond. I get it, you’re super busy all day and sometimes you’re tired from a long day. Take at least ten minutes out of your day to just hold your baby close and just enjoy being in their presence. I think doing this early and consistently is key to having a healthy relationship with your kids!

3.) Exercise With Your Kids!

This is one of my favorite things to do with my kiddos!!! I am addicted to staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle that promotes peace and bliss. I know that exercising directly facilitates joy in my life, and what better way to create a healthy relationship with your kids than to exercise with them. My children love getting on my back as I do push-ups or squats and sitting on my legs as I do leg lifts to work on my abs. After watching me workout and being little weights, they want to get in on the fun and do what I’m doing. We sweat together, we laugh together, and when the workout has ended, we relax together.

4.) Bed Time Stories:

My wife and I take turns getting our kids ready for bed and putting them to sleep. One of my kids favorite things I when it’s bedtime is tell stories. I remember when I was younger my father would tell my sister and I stories sometimes before bed and it used to make me feel so happy to fall asleep to listening to my dad’s voice. My technique is to ask each of them to pick something they would like to hear in a story, and then I make one up in my mind and tell it to them as they lay snug in theor beds. We establish a bond and build memories that they will keep with forever, and that helps us maintain a healthy relationship.

5.) Hug, Kisses, and I Love You:

So many of us grew up with parents that either didn’t express their love to us at all, or just not enough. My wife and make it a point to ensure that our children feel loved, not only by just the things we do for them but also in the facts we express it so much to them throughout the day. I hug my kiss and tickle them; I kiss my kids everyday throughout the day, and I’m sure they hear the words I Love You several hundred times every day! This is crucial in building a great relationship, because it builds confidence in themselves, let’s them know they are special, and it really boosts they’re self esteem!

I hope you find these tips helpful on your journey in parenthood! I know that having children has truly nurtured the evolution of my own soul. The journey of raising little children is definitely an act of raising your own inner child as well. This path can also become a walk of spiritual enlightenment through the surrendering of your ego and truly becoming apart of another’s life!!!!

Thank you Blissful Beings for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments how you feel and connect with me! Also please don’t forget to share and like!!!

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