Often I find myself having grand ideas of exponential magnitude, I see myself accomplishing goals of unprecedented significance. As the thoughts enter my mind, I find that there’s something that follows. A voice, this voice is one of extreme criticsm and doubt. To rid myself of the pestering critic that cripples any forward motion and any notion of success would be what at times appear to be nothing short of a miracle. More often than not a miracle doesn’t come, and I’m left with the feeling of emptiness and sadness. How can one free themself of this pain? This pain that hurts the very essence of the human soul.

   I’ve found in my journey that the only remedy for this infliction is a single step. There is so much power in what you may percieve at the time to be baby step. One step has the potential to change a lifetime of stagnation and procrastination! One step my people, is the only way we can beat the critic in our minds!

   Sounds simple, right? Well, those of you who have experience in life know that this could be the most daunting and paralyzing thought in a person’s mind. “What’s my first move?” You may ask yourself with your face buried into your hands. There’s so much thinking that goes on, and unfortunately a lot of us have a mental program to run negative thought patterns on repeat. So there only appears to be an uncontrollable downward spiral leading to an inevitable train wreck of emotions.

   So how do we start? What is our first move? Brilliant questions, our best bet is to move through all the fear, self doubt, anxiety, and negative bull shit in our minds! On my path I found that it’s never easy! There isn’t a secret to this, it’s always some difficulty when endeavoring to do something new and getting out of your comfort zone.

  It’s not all bad news though, I promise! The key for me is to figure out a empowering morning routine that provides your mind with a sense of peace, harmony, and space. When I say, “Space”, what I mean is this. We often know or have some sort of idea about what our first step needs to be in order for us to achieve our goal. The issue is that we sabotage ourselves from the point of the idea being conceived in our mind and being born into action. If we can create some, “Space” before and after the negative critic begins it’s rant on how we won’t suceed for all the reasons under the sun. I find that this allows my mind to acknowledge that there’s a part of me that is trying to keep me safe by keeping me in my comfort zone. Once I acknowledge that fact and make peace with the critic I then find myself able to generate energy from acceptance. The energy gained is enough to get me to start in the right direction and once energy is in motion it stays in motion, not only does it stay in motion it creates momentum!

   I implore you my Blissful Beings to take that first step!!! We never know where our journey is going to take us, but I’m sure it’s going to be some place magical. Let’s accept and embrace that critic in our minds, create some space, and make a move! May Love and Peace be with you today and always my Blissful Beings!!!

Your Friend,                                                   Tyreice

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